ITHAKA 24 - the project

on public time
situation specific intervention

IΘΑΚΑ 24 arrives on common places and wishes to interrogate the inhabitants’ relationship with the voyage (conceptually, metaphorically and literally). 

It draws from ordinary, everyday moments and around them it orchestrates apparent invisible actions that will create small diversions in our everyday (24 hour) voyage. 

Objects are “abandoned” and act as invitations and recharge our daily routines with new readings.

Footnote: the team analyses places and intervenes using dramarturgical interpretations and open readings from Homers Odyssey and James Joyce, Ulysses.

With the support of: Recollets International Residency (Ville de Paris, Institut Français), Espace Périphérique (Ville de Paris - Parc de la Villette), Citron Jaune (National Center of Street Arts, Port St Louis du Rhone), Pôle National Des Arts Du Cirque Mediterranee (Marseille)

(ΙΘΑΚΑ 24 is a voyage with no apparent destination)