About eekuipoiz

a.k.a. eekuipoiz (GR/FR)

Our work evolves around silent agreements we make with people, objects and places. Usually in common places or common grounds. 

It that manner every piece or action has the potential to organically “inhabit” the landscape. 

Our interventions usually create a conceptual or poetic space of contemplation, but they do not contain the presentation of art. They rather seek for a projection of meaning in a ordinary situation by maintaining the integrity of the moment. 

Our work is often ephemeral, participative, collective and apparently invisible. 
It operates in public spaces, common places or any places where silent agreements are possible. Potentially everywhere. 

“Anyone can throw a stone, answer a phone, read a newspaper, tune a transistor, sit on a chair, or hold an ice cream. Potentially “ 
The real question is… How organic could the presence of an object be to create a dramatic event?

For some reason either because we are travellers, jugglers, citizens and inhabitants our work seeks to initiate the concept of the voyage as a transformative process or a physical interrogation. A concept that almost instinctively attaches itself on the piece as a  visual dramaturgical aura. 

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