ITHAKA 24 - Book (Fate & Voyage)

ΙΘΑΚΑ 24 _ Stop 1 (Epos)
Athens, Ermou Street

On fate and voyage

824 pages spread in town. A physical voyage of the actual epos (Homer’s Odyssey) book, as an object, that becomes publically available.

The symbolic meaning of the script is present and inhabitants are urged to collect their page allowing it to act  as their part to a collective journey (fate).

Footnote: “epos” initiated a constructive dialogue with the inhabitants between notions of voyage/public space, garbage/valuable, destruction of the book/removal of pages, and the thematic of publically available objects.

festival rue libre / Mera Dromou,October 2012, Athens Greece
performance: giorgos amentas, xristos kaoukis, marion renard